Submission Details

Submission Types

We welcome the following submission types: 

Papers (12-15 minutes): Dynamic presentations that share experiments, works-in-progress, or sustained reflections on outcomes of more complete project while engaging a range of participants and fostering connections and dialogue. 

Lightning Talks (5 minutes): Highly focused presentations that succinctly introduce a topic, method, tool, project, or work-in-progress to catalyze ideas and foster follow-up discussion. To propose a session with multiple lightning talks, please propose a panel or roundtable.

Posters (poster session): Poster proposals present work on any relevant topic or offer project, tool, and software demonstrations in any stage of development. Poster presenters will record a brief (5 minutes, maximum) video to accompany their poster and will join the conference platform during the poster session for synchronous conversations with attendees. 

Panels (1 hour and 15 minutes): Engaging sessions that facilitate dialogue between presentations that are largely independent, highlighting connections between projects, methods or themes and reserving a minimum of 15 minutes for discussion with the audience. 

Roundtables (1 hour and 15 minutes): Sessions for which speakers provide brief interventions or framing on a cohesive set of issues, keywords, methods, and/or themes, reserving a minimum of 30 minutes for discussion among speakers and the audience. 

Installations and Performances (installation/performance session): Art work, creative data visualizations, performances, demonstrations and other critical interventions that engage conference issues, methods, and themes. Installation and performance presenters will record a video of their presentation or installation and will join the conference platform during the performance session for synchronous conversation with attendees. 

Alternate Format (variable length): Given the experimental possibilities of a virtual conference, we encourage those proposing sessions to consider alternate formats. When proposing a session of this type, please describe your session and indicate a preferred time length.


While our CFP has been released in English, Spanish, and French, we welcome proposals for contributions in all languages. Proposals will be reviewed in the language of submission. Regardless of the language of your proposal, please ensure that your five keywords are in English to facilitate program scheduling. 


Please note that for the purposes of scheduling, we may suggest an alternative submission type or collaboration between related proposals.

We recognize that a virtual conference makes attendance possible for participants from a range of time zones. We welcome this and will do our best to accommodate scheduling needs due to time zones, provided that these needs are noted at time of submission in “Remark/Message from the Authors to the Program Committee and Chairs.”

While there is no limit on the number of submissions, the program committee will not normally schedule more than two presentations from one presenting author.

Proposal Requirements

Proposals will be submitted using ConfTool. Please create a new account to submit your proposal, even if you have participated in prior digital humanities conferences. For general advise on using ConfTool, please consult their “Instructions for Submitting Authors.”  

  • Abstract
    • 250-word abstracts for papers, posters, lightning talks, installations, and performances
    • 500-word abstracts for panels, and alternate formats. Alternate formats must include requested time length. 
    • Abstracts should directly address the review criteria: relevance to conference focus; engagement with relevant scholarship; framework and purpose; applicability, significance, and value; and organization and clarity. 
  • List of participants and contact information
    • Entered directly into ConfTool along with submission
  • 3-5 keywords
    • Entered directly into ConfTool along with submission